Black Russian

Black Russian

The Black Russian is a delicious cocktail that combines the subtle flavour of vodka with the creamy intensity of coffee liqueur and is then poured over ice for a robust yet oh so sippable drink. 

Your friends will be very impressed if you throw together this Black Russian cocktail for them next time they visit!  The Black Russian is my favourite cocktail and as such is the perfect drink to kick off my “Sips” series, a collection of recipes where I will be sharing with you a variety of cocktails and alcoholic beverages that you can easily incorporate into your next dinner or party cocktail menu.

Black Russian

Vodka is my tipple of choice and you will always find a bottle of good vodka stocked in my bar.  I like it mixed with cranberry juice for a sophisticated “Cosmopolitan”, mixed with cola and a slice of lime for a mid week wind down, or as with the Black Russian, mixed with my other favourite beverage, coffee.

I don’t generally drink a lot of coffee,  just one cup most days.  So I always make sure it is a decent brew.  During the week I delay my coffee intake until I can get to my favourite cafe and have my latte prepared by the best Barista in Melbourne, Costa from Terrace Cafe.  At home I use a coffee machine, a gift I received from my kids for Christmas a few years ago, to make my morning coffee.  It’s not quite as good as Costa’s coffee, but it’s not far behind.

Coffee is not just my morning beverage, it is also a terrific culinary ingredient I love using in all sorts of dishes.  This weekend I have been marinating a piece of beef brisket in coffee and spices that will be slow cooked and then shared with the family for a celebratory Sunday dinner.  Stay tuned for that recipe!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the Black Russian, a classic 1940s sophisticated drink that will spice up any cocktail hour.

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